9 Ways to Clean Android Phone RAM Memory So It’s Not Full and Slow

Android cellphone memory is getting bigger along with the release of the latest products from each gadget manufacturer. But the problem of limited cellphone memory seems to never be over.
Cellphone users usually panic when a warning appears that the Hp RAM memory is increasingly limited, for smartphone work that is not optimal. Before the work of the cellphone becomes slow or a warning appears, it is better to immediately empty the RAM memory of the Android cellphone

  1. Check memory usage and delete applications
    The first step that must be done is to find out the available and used Hp RAM memory capacity by clicking Android Settings> Memory. Furthermore, users can find out the amount of memory used by applications by clicking “Memory used by apps. Users can consider deleting memory-consuming applications by clicking sort by max. Use in the top three buttons. Users can also force applications to stop operating to free up the RAM of their cellphones android .
  2. Choose disable apps mode
    Apart from deleting, another option is to disable applications or disable apps for programs that are needed at certain times. Cellphone users can click Settings> Apps to find out which applications can be stopped temporarily, then click disable. Applications will usually stop temporarily but performance is less than optimal, therefore users are advised to regularly check the functions of Android phones .
  3. Turn off animations and transitions
    Animations and transitions do make Android phones look cooler, but this application requires a lot of RAM memory. If the cellphone starts working slowly, this application can be deactivated or disabled by opening the developer options function. The trick is to click Settings> About phone and type the build number, until it says Congrats! You are now a developer.

Next, the user can click Settings> Developer and scroll to find Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, and Animator duration scale. Tap one of them and select Animation off.

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  1. Don’t use live wallpapers
    The Google store provides a large selection of live wallpapers that make your cellphone look less boring. Unfortunately live wallpapers require a lot of RAM memory so that the cellphone works at risk of getting slower. Therefore, if you face problems related to HP RAM memory, you should not use live wallpapers and extensive widgets. All you need to do is use simple wallpapers and widgets, for example, the calendar or the music that’s playing.
  2. Use the Booster application
    Users can download the booster application directly from the Google store. One of the functions of the application is a memory boost which allows users to increase the effectiveness of the HP RAM memory directly from the homescreen. Some of the commonly used booster applications are Clean Master, CCleaner, and DU Speed ​​Booster. This application can be an alternative besides directly entering the phone settings and resetting each application and file.
  3. Clear cache
    Applications in Hp android usually stored in the cache so that it easier to find the time to open and save on mobile data. Quoted from CNet, to delete cached data from one application, you can click on the application in question, storage, then clear cache. Meanwhile, to clear data from all applications, you can click settings, storage, and delete cached data.

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  1. Delete the downloaded file
    Hp android usually save all downloaded files although not necessarily required of the user. If too many files are downloaded and stored, the HP RAM memory is at full risk and interferes with the phone’s work. Users are advised to immediately delete unnecessary downloaded files by accessing my files or my files and selecting files that can be deleted, because they are not needed in daily activities.
  2. Get ready for the photo
    In addition to files, photos must be handled so as not to use too much memory RAM Hp android. Some of the ways that can be applied are reducing the size of the photo (compression) with various applications available on the Google store, saving in Google Photos, and moving to other external storage. To activate Google Photos, just open the application, settings, back up and sync, and turn it on.

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  1. Use a MicroSD
    Hp android usually allows the use of Micro SD for extra storage in addition to the phone memory. Users can use it to store applications that need a lot of memory. Quoted from Fonepaw, if the application can be moved a move button will appear to the SD card